DIY: Candy Bag Favor

Take a page from Amy Atlas's book and create bags of candy (pinned to a fabric covered board) for a unique (and considerably cheaper) spin on the now-traditional candy buffet.

Photo Courtesy of: Martha Stewart

Here's How:

– Choose a single color and purchase bulk candies in every shade.

– Fill cellophane bags about 2/3s full with a single type of candy.

– Secure the bag shut with a circle label sticker (in the same color shade) by attaching half the circle to one side of the bag's top and folding the other side over the opposite.

– Staple shut right over the label.

– Use a fabric pin to secure the bag of candy to the fabric covered board (make sure to pin it through the label for optimum reinforcement).


Tough-O-Meter: Can palm this job off on your junior bridesmaid, go holiday shopping, and still have it come out cute!