DIY: Colored Pots for a Centerpiece

A really neat little DIY project today.

Photo Courtesy of: Martha Stewart

These cute painted pots, planted with flowers and herbs, look great when grouped together as a centerpiece. They can also cost a lot when purchased from the local garden center. But, you can make them yourself! And it is so, so easy.

– Buy a bunch of pots from the local thrift store, big box store, or garden center.

– Buy a few cans of non-toxic spray paint in assorted colors. **Please note: It's important to use non-toxic paint for this project so that any bad toxins won't leech into the plants or soil.**

– In a well ventilated area, spread out the pots (on an old tarp or newspapers) and spray them with the spray paint. Use a light touch and plan on doing two layers each for every pot.

– Once dry, fill each pot with assorted herbs and flowers (culled from garden center sales and/or your yard).

– Group 3-5 pots together in the center of each table and insert a table number (if desired).

– Enjoy!

Tough-O-Meter: Can do a few sets of squats and lunges and still make it turn out cute.