DIY: Create your own Crate and Barrel Napkin Ring Knock-Off

As promised, here are the cute Crate and Barrel knock-off napkin rings that I made:


And here are the step-by-step instructions:

Steps One – Three:


1. Remove plastic stem from flower (it pulls right out) and flip it over.
2. Use your hand to hold back the petals.
3. Remove the plastic base from the stem.

Steps Four – Five:


4. Use scissors or wire cutters to snip the stem off (as close as possible to the petals).
5. Using a glue gun (or a Glue Dot), adhere some adhesive right on top of the clipped stem.

Steps Six – Eight:


6. Adhere a hair elastic to the adhesive.
7. Using more glue adhesive, adhere the plastic base over the hair elastic (or, nix the plastic base, and adhere a felt square).
8. Slip the napkin ring over a cloth napkin and enjoy!


Tough-o-Meter: Can watch Spurs' Rodeo Road Trip and still make it come out cute (and the Spurs kick some serious basketball butt!)!

Edited to add: The total cost this project was $.26. Yep, that is not a typo – each napkin ring came to $.26 a piece. I got the flowers from the clearance bin at Michael's ($1.00 a stem and each stem had 4 flowers). The ring part is a simple hair elastic from Goody. I found similiar at the dollar store and they were 100 for $1.00.

So: $.25 a flower + $.01 for each elastic = $.26 a piece. And that beats the crap out of C&B's $2.95!