DIY: Create Your Own Custom Website

The above used to be this:


Website Template Courtesy of: Free Website Templates

And changing it over was super easy to do (and nearly free!). Here's how:

1. Go to Free Website Templates and find a website design that suits your needs. Download it into a clearly marked folder on your computer (I opened mine into a folder under "My Documents" and labeled it "Our Wedding).

2. Right Click and open the index file in Notepad.

3. This is the tricky part – you will need to understand a bit of HTML coding to change the images and text to suit your needs. Here's a GREAT step-by-step tutorial on how to do it. Alter the HTML coding as needed.

4. Save everything in the correct format (.html for the actual webpages and .jpg for the actual images on the website) and in the same folder.

5. Now it's time to share your website with the world. Normally, you would purchase hosting and a domain name from a server host. Personally, for a small project like this, I suggest Webs - it's 100% free. Buy a cheap domain name (the web address that people type in the address bar to reach your website) from GoDaddy  – .net names start at $1.99/year.

6. After you get your hosting package and domain name you can upload your website to the Internet. If you use Webs, then select the HTML-only option – the website will upload everything for you in a few short and easy to follow steps. **Webs also offers FREE fill in the blank web templates – try those if you're overwhelmed by the HTML coding suggested above**

7. Share the site – you're done!

**I am not affiliated with any of the above companies. I simply researched free or mostly free web design and hosting options online and thought that these companies had the most to offer.**

Pretty easy, right? Have you designed your own wedding website – share with us the finished product and how you felt about the process!