DIY: Easy Masking Tape Bouquet


– Flowers (I used peonies)

– Masking Tape

– Kitchen Shears or a Knife

– Ribbon


Step One: Purchase a bouquet (or two) from the local flower market or big box store floral department. I got 8 stems for $10.00 from my local grocery store. Use kitchen scissors or a knife to trim the stems to the desired length.

Step Two: Place the stems in water and let bloom to desired fullness.

Step Three: Gather stems (one at a time) together in your hand until the blooms resemble your desired bouquet.

Step Four: Grasp bouquet in one hand and secure the center with masking tape (floral tape also works but why buy something extra when masking tape will do?). I wrapped the center with masking tape about three times.


Step Five: Trim ribbon on an angle.

Step Six: Lay the bouquet on the center of the ribbon.

Step Seven: Cover the masking tape by wrapping the ends of the ribbon around the bouquet.

Step Eight: Secure the ribbon with a knot. Finish with a bow, if desired.


Simple. Easy. Cheap. Gorgeous. How will you be saving money on your wedding day? Will you be DIYing anything or taking on some of the labor costs yourself? Do share.