DIY: Fall Bouquet

So many people want to save money when planning their weddings. Great! I totally agree with that. And do you know the single best way to plan for and save loads of cash when it comes to your wedding? Cut labor costs. Trim the cost of servers here (host a buffet) and have your talented friend tailor you wedding dress there (it's easier than every single dress designer and salesperson wants you to believe!) and pretty soon – you've got enough funds to spend on the fun stuff…flowers and candy and food.

An awesome way to save a great deal of money is to make your own (or have a talented friend or family member make your) floral arrangements – especially your bouquet. Scared? No need… check this out:

Photo Courtesy of: 100 Layer Cake

A gorgeous arrangement (made from fall flowers commonly found in the floral department of your local supermarket) that was completed in a few simple (and painless steps). Interested? Click Here for step-by-step instructions (with pictures!).