DIY: French Stripe Inspired Napkin Rings

Today, I'm sharing a truly simple (Can you cut and tape? Then you have the required skill set for this craft!) DIY project for a reception that was inspired by this reader question from Mother-of-the-Bride, Paula. Remember the image that inspired Paula's daughter?

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While relatively unnecessary, napkin rings are a nice addition to a wedding that features a buffet or sit-down meal. Most people love to use cloth napkins for a reception because they are a greener option than paper and also add a nice nod to civility. And these French stripe-inspired dish towels with a rustic style napkin ring are a chic addition to any meal….

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This DIY napkin ring is super easy – just print out the FREE download, trim, tape, and secure! This is totally a “do it while watching the newest season of Project Runway and loving Tim Gunn”-style craft and requires only four items.


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Step One: Download one of the following files (or both!). Napkin ring that says Bon Appetit: Download Kiss_My_Tulle_Bon_Appetit_Napkin_Ring. Napkin ring that says Je_Taime: Download Kiss_My_Tulle_Je_Taime_Napkin_Ring. Print on to the kraft cardstock.

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Step Two: Use the paper trimmer to cut the printed kraft paper into strips (each one centering the napkin ring's phrase).

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Step Three: Tape the end of the strip on the wrong side (the side without text).

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Step Four: Wrap paper band around napkin roll (with the text facing out and the tape facing in) and secure the taped end over the untaped end.

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Step Five: Rinse and repeat.

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This project is pretty simple – cutting the strips is probably the hardest part. How would you use this DIY in your wedding? Is it important for you to incorporate cloth napkins into your wedding? Or are you thinking that paper is the way to go? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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