DIY: How to Create an Outdoor Canopy or Chuppah

Heat is definately a concern at summer or early fall outdoor weddings. To offset potential heatstroke, most couples like to provide some kind of shelter for guests – like a canopy. But the rental fees for outdoor tents or canopies can be extremely expensive! So, why not gather up a few materials from your local hardware store and make your own? Not only will you save money but you'll also have these great shelters for future outdoor parties. *These lovely canopies would also make chic and rustic chuppahs.


Image Courtesy of: This Old House


Grommet tool and 4 grommets.

4 D-rings.

Canvas dropcloth.

Clothesline (if needed).

4 wooden poles.


Step 1: Install a metal grommet at each corner of the canvas dropcloth. See this tutorial for information on installing grommets.

Step 2: Sharpen one end of each pole into a tip.

Step 3: Attach a D-ring into the other side (the none sharpened tip side) of each of the wooden poles.

Step 4: Hook each D-ring into one of the canopy's grommets.

Step 5: Stick each of the four poles (sharpened tip side down) into the ground.

Step 6: Adjust each of the four poles as needed to hold the canopy up and out. Use clothline as extra security (if needed).