DIY: Kraft Gift Box Style Favor

Another post and another chic and cheap version (and how-to) for replicating those great "as seen in a magazine" favors. This one is so lovely and can be filled with any number of fun bits-n-pieces (like: candies, beads, soap, pictures, cards, personalized notes, etc.).

Photo Courtesy of: Martha Stewart

To do on your own:

– Purchase small kraft jewelry boxes and fill with your selected favor.

– Cut a solid colored fabric band to fit around your box. It should measure 1/3 the TOTAL size of the box in width and be 1″ longer in length.

– Cut a patterned fabric band that is 1/4″ small in width that your solid colored band but the same length.

– Use a glue stick or fabric glue to center and secure the wrong side (the side without a pattern) of your patterned fabric to the right side (the prettier colored side) of your solid colored fabric. Trim, if needed.

– Layer the band on top of the center of your filled box and use double sided tape to secure the ends to the bottom of the box.

– Use this tutorial and create a fabric rosette.

– Us a Glue Dot to secure the rosette to top center of the fabric band.

– Enjoy!

Tough-O-Meter: Can easily enjoy the holiday classic "Nestor the Long-Eared Donkey" and still make it come out cute!