DIY: Making Your Own Wedding Veil

Every bride wants to look gorgeous on her wedding. And why not? Everyone is going to be looking at you and your going to end up with a million pictures showcasing how you looked that day. So, naturally, every bride wants to look like a million bucks. But here at LHC, we believe in LOOKING like a million bucks…and not SPENDING the same to get the look.

One way? Make your own veil. Seriously one of the single most overpriced items to ever some out of the wedding industry. And most are nothing more than a handful of tulle and a couple of stitches!

So STOP! Before you go off and part with a chunk of your budget – check in everyday this week for awesome tips and tutorials on saving a bundle on what is essentially just a bundle of fabric!

Today: Quick How-To Tutorial from Lisa Welge

Photo Courtesy of: Lisa Welge

This chic little retro/vintage veil is really more of a fastinator but so very cute AND very cheap (like music to this bloggers ears)! Click Here for step-by-step instructions and a supply list.