DIY: Monogram Initials

I love little finishing touches. Mints in the bathroom, drinks that match the theme colors, an embroidered date on the bride's gown. In the long run they aren't really important (they're not makin' or breakin' the wedding) but they just elevate a wedding from plain to amazing. Today's DIY project is one of those subtle yet lovely touches:


Photo Courtesy of:

Martha Stewart

I really like the idea of including monograms in the wedding and this is an excellent way to sneak one in.

– Wrap the stems of the bouquet in floral tape.

– Cover the floral tape with a square of fabric that coordinates with your weddng colors.

– Use a pencil and lightly trace your monogram on to the wrap (for the light-of-heart or more elaborate designs, use a piece of tissue paper with the pattern printed on it).

– Insert corsage or dressmaker's pins into the wrap following the design (if using tissue paper, push pins straight through the paper and gently tear away when through).

– Enjoy!