DIY: No Sew Napkins

Okay, since everyone LOVED my No Sew Bunting from last week, I'm sharing another super simple DIY (and NO SEW) craft today. This one's for the reception and, unlike the pretty but unnecessary bunting, everyone uses this item and every reception needs one. Two words…cloth napkins. Ultimately, cheaper and always nicer than paper.  But when it comes to cloth napkins, it seems that you have two options – sew your own (a bit daunting for craft newbies) or buy some (a bit expensive for cheapos).

Until now. Cuz bitches – I figured out a way to craft NO SEW cloth napkins. No sew as in absolutely NO sewing involved at all. This is totally a "craft it while you watch crappy summer TV programming" and requires only three items to make them.

060611 a 


060611 b 

Step One: Lay out your fabric and place the kraft paper on top of it. The kraft paper is going to act as your template.

060611 c 

Step Two: Use the pinking shears to cut out around the kraft paper template.

060611 d 

Step Three: Step back and admire (and maybe run an iron over it!). Rinse and repeat (and repeat and repeat and repeat…).

060611 e 

This project is pretty simple – the hardest part is motivating yourself to cut all those freaking squares. I think that these simple cloth napkins would look amazing folded into a pocket and with silverware tucked inside. Or lightly twisted into a floral shape and placed in a bowl.

060611 f 

How would you use this project in your wedding? Were you nervous to try and DIY your own cloth napkins for the reception? Or are you nervous about getting The Claw from cutting out all these squares? Share your thoughts in the comments!