DIY: Post-Wedding Ribbon Art {Guest Post from SuperNOVA Bride}

From Cris: I love the Super NOVA Bride. And she loves Tulle NAtion enough to share this cool post-wedding/what-the-hell-am-supposed-to-do-with-this-stuff DIY. Onward!

Confession time: My husband is a packrat, and those packrat tendencies have definitely rubbed off on me in the 3 years we’ve been living together. So there are certain things from our November 2011 wedding that I just couldn’t seem to part with easily, like ribbons from our wedding gifts.

For about four months after the wedding, the ribbons were just sitting all crumpled up in a box in a closet. But then I figured if I didn’t want to throw the ribbons away, I should at least do something useful with them!  So I decided to make our ribbons in to some sort of art piece for our home.

Enter Pinterest.

After finding a few inspiration pieces that I liked (like here, here, and here) I was ready to dive right in.

Most of the inspiration projects involved painted canvases of some sort, but I quickly discovered that I am SO uncrafty, that I can’t even paint a canvas a solid color, even after watching YouTube tutorials like this one

Seriously, have you ever seen anything so hideous?

032212 a

That meant painted canvases of any sort were out of the questions. Next, I tried covering foam core with a pretty fabric instead of having to paint anything. Luckily it worked beautifully, and now I have our wedding gift ribbons framed and on display in our kitchen.

Here’s how I did it:

1) Gather all your ribbons. If yours are really wrinkled like mine were, you may want to iron them like I did (although the undomestic goddess in me did not realize that some ribbons aren’t meant to be ironed. The edge of two of my ribbons started to melt, so be careful … and maybe use low heat!)

032212 b

2) Gather the rest of your supplies.
— Frame. I used an Ikea Ribba 50x70cm (19 ¾ x 27 ½”) black frame
— Foam core cut to match the size of the frame. I just bought a standard 20×30” piece of white foam core and cut it using a mat cutter (but a utility knife would work just fine too)
— Fabric to cover the foam core. I used a white shimmer fabric that I bought before the wedding and intended to use for a wedding guest book project, but never did.  Make sure to iron the fabric so it’s nice and wrinkle-free.
— Spray adhesive. I used Aileen’s Repositionable Tacky Spray from Michael’s

032212 c
032212 d
032212 e

3) Using the adhesive spray, glue the fabric to the cut foam core, making sure to smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles caused by the adhesive.

032212 f

4) Arrange your ribbons on the fabric-covered foam core until you have a layout that you like.  Cut the ribbons (if necessary) so that each ribbon is an inch or two longer than the foam core on each side. Like so:

032212 g
032212 h

5) After you’re happy with the arrangement, use a hot glue gun (or use some other adhesive) and just glue the small “overhang” 1-2 inch pieces to the back of the foam core. I don’t really recommend hot gluing the entire length of the ribbon in the front, because then the ribbon may look all bubbly. Or, you can use the spray adhesive for this step too if you wanted. (Note, at this step, I temporarily pinned the ends of my ribbons to the foam core so that they wouldn’t move when I flipped the foam core over).

032212 i

This is what your fabric-covered foam core should look like now:

032212 j

6) Next up, you’re ready to put it in the frame!

032212 l

7) Hang on the wall!

032212 m032212 n

Please excuse our 1970s-era kitchen. Slated for demolition in early 2013.  I realize there’s glare on the frame too, but museum quality glass wasn't in the budget for this project.

Voila! Instant art in your home that has sentimental value too! This would also work great for things like ribbons from your child’s first birthday party or first Christmas (or really any event or holiday that involves ribbons!)

032212 o
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