DIY Project: Daisy Bridal Bouquet

Daisies are such a happy, sunny flower – perfect for a casual spring wedding. And daisies are also super cheap and really easy to work with – perfect for the chic budget bride.

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– Buy 2 dozen daisies (1 dozen white and 1 dozen yellow) at your local supermarket floral section or the local flower market. Also, pick up some inexpensive big leavy filler-type greens (fresh herbs would also work – make sure that the two scents don't conflict!).

– Over a sink (and under running warm water) trim each stem to desired length (long enough to grip easily).

– Form the bouquet by selecting stems and holding them in your hand (this process is simple and totally random) ust like a bouquet. Move stems around until you achieve the look you want.

– Secure the stems by wrapping floral tape 'round and 'round the stems (go for a wrap about 3″ wide). Use as much floral tape as you need to ensure that the bouquet is secure. Ask for help if you need it, one person holds the bouquet and one person wraps.

– Cover the floral tape by wrapping a pretty ribbon around it. Secure one end of ribbon with a piece of floral tape and start winding! Finish the ribbon off by securing the end under the wrap (using a piece of floral tape) or pinning it.

– Enjoy!