DIY Project: Frames As Gifts

For those of you that are on a (very, very) limited weddng/shower giving budget (Can I hear an 'Amen'?) – this is the DIY project for you:


Photo Courtesy of:

Heidi Swapp

Souped up blank picture frames – ready for all those wedding photos. Anyone can give blank frames…but, while you gift will be used – honestly, the couple probably won't remember who gave it to them. But! Add some cute paper and chic flowers…and BAM-O! Your gift is totally remembered.

-Buy inexpensive black frames in assorted sizes (I like the $2.00 and $3.00 ones form Wal-Mart) OR gather a bunch of old picture frames, remove the glass and backing, and paint black. Why black? It goes with any decor.

-Get some pretty scrapbook paper (stick to a monochromatic scheme). Use a glue stick and adhere the paper to the frame backings. Trim the excess.

-Use flowers, rub-ons, bling, and/or stamped images to decorate the paper.

-Reframe the glass and backing.