DIY Project: Popcorn Shower Treat

Showers are a great opportunity for all your fun ideas that might not fit into a more traditional wedding. Make your own Bloody Mary bar? Check. Karaoke? Double Check. Popcorn Favors? Oh, yeah.


Photo Courtesy of:

Heidi Swapp

I love the idea of guests being greeted at the door with a pile of these adorable popcorn treats. The popcorn treats are super easy to make and look so cute all piled up together on the guest book table. I love Heidi's idea (above) of display a bunch of them in a pedestal next to a frame of the bride-to-be's name.

– Make favored popcorn. Follow this recipe (use colored chocolate to achieve the cool shades).

– After the popcorn cools, make up popcorn bags (about 1 cup per cellophane baggie).

– Tie each baggie shut with a cute ribbon and tag.

– Display using a pedestal.

– Create the name frame by purchasing an inexpensive black frame (or paint an old one).

– Trim pretty paper to the same size as the frame's backing.

– Use a glue stick to adhere the paper to the backing.

– Use stickers or rub-ons to spell out the bride-to-be's name in the center of the paper.

– Display next to the pedestal.

– Enjoy!