DIY: Rope Napkin Rings

So, let's discuss napkin rings (ooh…exciting). Personally, I love the look of them and think that they add a very tasteful air to any table. However, when it comes to using them in your wedding – the cost can add up! So what's a DIY-ish couple to do?

How about make your own?

Photo Courtesy of: dykast

Yes, it will be a bit time consuming but this is one of those activities that you can work on while you play catch up with your Tivo. Also, you can make a buttload of these babies several months before the big day and then store the lot of them in a box (and out of your way). And just look at how pretty they are! Plus, once the wedding is done you can donate the lot to Goodwill for more money than it cost you to make them (for reals).

Click Here for step-by-step instructions and photos from the fabulous Kellie.