DIY: Simple Cardstock Wedding Programs

Wedding programs (a record of your ceremony that acts as an introduction of the wedding party helps guests understand what is happening in the ceremony.) are not a necessity but are a really nice way to add a little something to your wedding day. This can be done relatively cheaply if you DIY them. Here's a basic tutorial for a very simple but lovely wedding program:


Image Courtesy of: Programs and Bulletins

Step 1: In Word or Photoshop, create the text for your wedding program (here's a link that provides more information on this). Plan to create enough text for a 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" program (this should allow you to print two programs on one piece of cardstock). Here are some free fonts that would look great on a wedding program: Lane, Kontor, and Bebas.

Step 2: Print out your programs on to cardstock.

Step 3: Use a paper trimmer (or scissors and a very steady hand) to cut the cardstock into individual programs.

Step 4: Use a hole punch to punch two holes (centered and about 1/2" apart) at the top of each program.

Step 5: Starting at the back, thread 3-4" of ribbon through the holes and tie into a knot in the front.

Step 6: Display (or hand out) pre-ceremony.