DIY: Summery Gift Baskets for your Guests

I have a personal theory regarding weddings that is not going to be a very popular one with many of my readers. Weddings are NOT about you. The ceremony is about you…all the other stuff is for your guests. You are hosting a great party and they are attending it. They are spending quite a bit of money to go to your party (airfare, outfits, hotel, meals, gift, etc.) and they get absolutely zero voice in any part of it. For many brides and grooms it's like, "Sit down, shut up, and give us stuff". Bzzzt! Wrong! You have the power to make them feel as wonderful as you on your wedding day – even on a tight budget.

It's all about the small, thoughtful things. Enough bathrooms, enough tasty food, some booze, and a comfy temperature. If you have those – guests will LOVE you. Have a bit more moola in the budget? Try making up these cool guest room gift baskets for your out-of-towners. Leave one in each hotel room. Your guests will love it and look forward to your day even more.


Photo Courtesy of: Unknown

-Pick up a bunch of metal pails (one per guest): try these.

-Fill each paper with a couple of sheets of tissue paper. Overlap two sheets and line the inside of the pail (leave about 4-5″ sticking out of the top). Then, loosely ball up one sheet and place in the bottom of the pail.

-Inside the pail place the following: some flip flops (tie them together with ribbon), bottled water (plain or personalized), some candy (plain or personalized), and a note from you (thanking your guests for coming to your big day).

-Use Photoshop (or a similiar program) and make personalized labels for your water bottles/candy/pail. Personalizing takes a gift from simply "oh." to "OH!". Print labels out on to label paper.

-Adhere labels.

-Leave gifts in rooms.

-Enjoy! (well, let your guests enjoy.)