DIY: Tag Style Save the Dates

Okay listen, I’m going to be really frank with y’all here. Save the Dates (those cute invitations that go out about 6 months prior to the official wedding invite as a kind of “heads up” to guests) are super cute, super fun, and super…not necessary. Truly. They are just a nicety that lots of people like to do because it’s…well, nice. But STDs (heh.) really, really ARE NOT standard or needed. This is something that you can completely skip and save yourself a bit of money.

However, if you love the idea of sending out Save the Dates (or feel that it’s important because your wedding is on a holiday weekend or far away and you want your guests to have time to make plans accordingly) – then read on for a really cute and easy DIY Save the Date project:

051011 a 


051011 b 

Step One: Download the provided tag template PDF and print out. Download below:

Download Kiss My Tulle Tag Save the Date

051011 c 

Step Two: Remove strings from tags (6 at a time) and use adhesive to adhere tags directly ON TOP of the printed text (Center one tag on each text).

051011 d 

Step Three: Put the tag covered paper into your printer. *Be sure to check and see how your printer prints on to paper – on mine, I had to insert the tag covered paper into my printer with the text upside down and the tags facing out.* Print.

051011 e 

Step Four: Remove the tags from paper and use your fingers to rub the adhesive off.

051011 f 

Step Five: Use the pen to fill in your Save the Date information. For example, add your names, the date of the wedding, the location, and the phrase “invitation to follow”. This would also be a good time to add your wedding website address (for guests to check out and get more information).

051011 g 

Step Six: Use the hole punch to punch circles from scraps of paper (I used double sided scrapbook paper). For your convenience, collect the punched holes in a small bowl.

051011 h 

Step Seven: Cut a length of ribbon (I did 11 ¾”) and thread through the hole in the shipping tag. Tie a knot to secure.

051011 i 

Step Eight: Insert tag into glassine bag and pour a bit of punched holes in too. Enjoy!

051011 j 

This project is pretty simple – the hardest part is figuring out which way your printer is going to print out the paper. I think that this Save the Date would look so cute mailed in a colorful envelope (with more punched holes inside!).

051011 k 

How would you use this project in your wedding? Are you planning on even doing STDs (or will you be skipping them completely?)? Share your thoughts in the comments!