DIY: Tin Can Centerpieces


  • Old cans (assorted sizes work best)
  • Can opener (and metal file, if needed)
  • Spray paint (with spray paint can holder, if desired)
  • Water
  • Flowers


Step One: Wash and dry old cans (use a metal file to file down any rough edges).

Step Two: In a well-ventilated area, spray paint cans desired color (I used the ever versatile white. It allowed me to make a multi-colored floral arrangement and not stress about including several colors). Do several coats (inside and out) and let each coat dry between applications.

Step Three: Arrange painted cans together (down the center of a table or in a bunch). Try to use odd numbers of each size of can (odd numbers look best to the human eye). Add water to each can (or use damp floral foam).

Step Four: Arrange flowers in cans. I used supermarket bunches and some wildflowers. Mix and match or do monochromatic arrangements (one per can) – experiment to see what looks best. Enjoy!

This project was so simple it was almost sinful. This DIY project is perfect for those wishing to have simple floral centerpieces (concentrate on using daisy, hydrangea, or peony floral arrangements – they look best and hold up well).