DIY: Tissue Paper Wrapped Favors

So I found this cool and colorful idea over at Williams-Sonoma and thought it work GREAT for a simple but stylish wedding favor. It's totally inexpensive and very DIY-friendly.

Photo Courtesy of: Williams-Sonoma

To create these candy filled tissue wraps, do the following:

– Dig out all that tissue paper from your gift wrap (or purchase from your local big box craft store or online in bulk).
– Bust out the self-healing mat, ruler, and Exacto knife (or use a pair of scissor – its harder but will work). Lay the tissue paper out on the self-healing mat. If their are wrinkles or creases in the tissue paper then gently iron it on the lowest setting with no steam.
– Use the ruler and a pencil to mark out a series of 6″x6″ squares on the tissue paper.
– Use the Exacto knife and ruler to cut out the individual squares…go slowly and take your time (but don't stress out if the cuts aren't exactly perfect – the finished result will still look good).
– Place a candy in the center of each tissue square, wrap the ends up around it, and twist. Secure with fishing line or thread.
– Finish each wrap off with a monogram tag (resized and printed off on your home computer) or pretty ribbon.

Tough-O-Meter: Can chat with your mom about wedding details and still have it come out cute!