Doin’ a Design*Sponge Wedding on the Cheap

I really, really love Design*Sponge. And I really, really love this drop dead gorgeous wedding.


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Who knew that moss and birdcages could look so chic? I think that this would be a lovely wedding theme for any season but especially for late summer into fall. My (inexpensive) version:


*1. Bird Ornaments *2. Silver Star Cupcake Wrappers *3. White Platter *4. Acacia Platter *5. SOLIG Solar-powered light chain *6. TINDRA MYS Scented block candle *7. TORKA Decoration ball, set of 8 *9. IKEA PS KRONA Bowl *10. Decorative Moss Vase Filler 18-pk. *11. 2 Gazebo Birdcages