Drinks: Bottled Water

Let's face it. Outdoor weddings are lovely. Lush, green, beautiful. But they can also be hot. Like, HOT hot. For a small amount of your budget, you can literally buy your guest's love on the day of your hot wedding.

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Bottled water is super cheap these days. And it's all basically just water. You can usually purchase generic brands of water from any bulk or hardware store or your local supermarket. Look for sales and load up! Bottled water lasts and lasts so, as long as you have room to store the flats, you can buy them months before W-day.

-Borrow/buy several large galvanized metal bucket (these work great for lots of things so if you buy them – think of it as an investment).

– Chill the bottled water overnight (in a fridge or a cooler).

– Right before the wedding, fill the tubs with alternating layers of ice and bottles of water.

– Set the tubs at various shady spots throughout your wedding locale. A tub near the bar, another couple at the ceremony site, and a few more near the dance floor.

– Be kind to the planet! Empty water bottles clog landfills at an alarming rate and, with a little effort, you can ensure that your bottles don't add to the bulk.

  • In Word/Photoshop, create a small sign that says "Please Enjoy and Recycle".
  • Print out the signs and post them on each bucket.
  • Then, place other bins near the trash areas and label them "Recycle".
  • Encourage guests (and staff) to recycle their empty water bottles.