Easy-Peasy Table Settings

Trying to put together tasteful but timeless table settings for your wedding can be overwhelming. In fact, this task can become one of the most difficult to decide upon and execute during all of the wedding planning. Here's a few tips to help you quickly select and arrange your wedding's table decor:

1) Keep it simple. With colors and with marterials – stick with a simple plain white and/or clear glass. It does not matter what decor theme your wedding has, be it modern or country or beachy or rustic, clear glass and/or white will work. Look at the example below:

Photo Courtesy of: This Young House

Now, isn't that lovely. Nice and clean looking but with a touch of class. It's the use of all glass table and glassware that let the couple's citrus accents take center stage. Now, replace the citrus flourishes with rustic twigs and and woven red runner. Still works – the tableware still works.

2) Check out the cost of renting versus the cost of buying your table and stemware. If the cost of buying these items (try Ikea or Crate and Barrel for the best and cheapest selections) is close to the same price as renting them – then I would highly advise you to buy. WHAT? Yep. Buy.

Photo Courtesy of: Apartment Therapy: Kitchen Cure

Purchasing the table and stemware yourself can free you of a ton of responsibility – no worrying about on time delivery, no stressing about broken items, and no cleaning post wedding. And, if you purchase the ware yourself then once the wedding is over you can keep some for yourself and donate the rest for a nice tax write-off (and trust me, once you are married – you'll need all the write-offs you can get!).

3) Keep the count down. Do you really need a charger AND a salad plate AND dinner plate AND a bread plate And a… you get the idea. Think about your menu and how your guests will be eating. If they are not big salad eaters than you may be able to eliminate the salad plate altogether (they can put a portion on their dinner plate). If your guests prefer breadsticks to bread rolls, then the need for a separate bread plate is nil. Just skip it. And a charger, while it looks so cool, has absolutely no reason to be on a table other than to look pretty. Really. It's like the arm candy of the dining table – it literally just sits there looking nice and get taken away after the salad course (which is placed on top of the charger on its own plate for consumption).

Same goes for silverware. Stick with a single spoons, a knife, and two forks (one salad and one dinner). That's plenty – really. And as for glass/stemware, place one wineglass and maybe one waterglass out for each setting. It will definately be enough.

Photo Courtesy of: Martha Stewart

4) Cloth, cloth, cloth. I know that paper napkins are easier and cheaper but listen – they're tacky. Not to mention environmentally unfriendly. Buy a buttload of cloth napkins (or make your own) and enjoy using them! This is the place to infuse a bit of color into your table settings so go wild. And when the wedding is over, keep a bundle for yourself and donate the rest (tax write-off!).

Photo Courtesy of: the knot

5) It doesn't have to match. If you are using all glass settings or all bone white settings then it does not matter if they are all from the exact same pattern or company. In fact, mixing several different types of white dinner plates with assorted white salad plates can add a bit of subtle texture and oomph to your table decor. Just make sure that you choose the same shade of white and the same clearness of glass – otherwise it will look mismatched or even dirty.

Photo Courtesy of: Apartment Therapy