Elizabeth and Andrew’s Cartoon Wedding Affair

Elizabeth Kee and Andrew Wood's April 14, 2012 wedding in San Diego, California was a creative one indeed! It was filled with comics n' cartoons and lots and lots of smiles. From Melissa Coetzee of BellaDiva Photography:

"This fun couple, both engineers, met at a Swing Dancing event and wanted to incorporate their quirky personalities into their wedding. A Bounce House, Mario Bros Cufflinks, a funky photo booth, Ninja Cake, and lots of Swing Dancing made up their offbeat wedding day."

Kee and Wood Ring Shot
Kee and Wood Cartoon Cufflinks Shot
Kee and Wood Ceremony Alter Shot
Kee and Wood Men with Graffiti Shot
Kee and Wood Wedding Party Shot
Kee and Wood Wedding Party in Bouncy House Shot
Kee and Wood Bride and Groom in Bouncy house ShotKee and Wood Groom and Bride in Bouncy house Shot
Kee and Wood Photobooth Props Shot
Kee and Wood Ninja Wedding Cake Topper Shot
Images Courtesy of: BellaDiva Photography

Would any of you have a Bouncy House at your wedding? How about Ninja wedding cake topppers? Are you including some kind of cartoon tribute in your festivities? Do tell!

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