Engagement Session: Perry and Currier and the Santa Monica Pier

By now, y'all know my feelings regarding engagement sessions – I like 'em real, I like ‘em natural, and I like ‘em personal. I think that you should be able to look at an engagement session and come away feeling like you know the couple in them. That’s why I adore getting e-sess submissions from Two Bright Lights (y’all know I’m an editorial partner – SUBMIT to me! Heh.), there’s an overwhelming number that feature real people, doing real things, in real locations (no ridiculous retro costumes or posing on camels here thankyouverymuch).

And this one from Tag That Photography was taken right at my old stomping grounds – the Santa Monica Pier! Seriously, if you are engaged and living in SoCal – take some photos there! It’s worth it. Don’t believe me? Just check out how gorgeous Monica Perry and Zac Currier look in theirs:

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Images Courtesy of: Tag That Photography

Don’t worry – I’ll say it for you. Oh. My. Gah! SO CUTE! I love all the colors and the cotton candy pictures? Slayed me. You know this couple loves to smile and laugh and I adore Tag That Photography for capturing that and sharing it with my readers. So Tulle Nation, what’s your favorite part of Monica and Zac’s engagement session? You know the drill…