Don’t panic and don’t run out and start buying stuff or handing out deposits! The hardest part is not getting overwhelmed by choices (and well-intentioned friends and family). First, enjoy being engaged. Don't pick a date, select the wedding party, or register for gifts. Take one week (minimum) and revel in finding “The One”. Next, each of you should write down the top five things that you want at your wedding (nothing is too small or too big) and also, write down five things that you just don't care about. Compile your lists and start planning with those desires in mind.

Then, find a good wedding countdown/planner (I really like Wedding Wire) and start carefully accomplishing the tasks on it (as they pertain to your wedding). Just take things one at a time and concentrate on your ultimate goal – joining your lives together. Try to not get so caught up in the whole “it's your wedding!” thing that you start spending money on everything white and tulle covered.


For inspiration, you cannot beat Martha Stewart Weddings (the Bible of weddings!) but I also really like browsing Pinterest and Every Last Detail. For wedding supplies, I am not a huge fan of purchasing things from traditional wedding sites (I feel that they tend to be unoriginal and overpriced). Instead, I find most of my inspiration from sites and stores like: Ikea, Target, etsy, ebay, Oriental Trading Company, and Amazon.


Right now I am self-employed. I am also busy setting up a new etsy shop. My goal is to continue to work from home and to (eventually) become a work-from-home mom.


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