Favors: Kid Appeal

I feel that children should be welcome at a wedding. Now, there are two very different camps on this touchy topic: one agrees with me and one strongly disagrees. The thing is, both groups are very right.


See, the thing is – a wedding is basically a party. And good manners dictate that the hosts of a party get to select the people on the guest list. So, who ever is paying for the wedding (the hosts) are allowed to decide, for whatever reason, whether or not they want young-uns present. Some say, "the more the merrier". Some say, "no thanks". The latter could be for a number of reasons: it's an evening wedding with an open bar, its a way to limit the guest list, or the hosts simply don't like kids.

And which ever choice you decide to go with, kids or no kids, it is your right. Your party = your guest list.

Having said that! I personally love it when children are included at a wedding. I really love it when they are allowed to have their own table during the reception – allowing them to kick back, socialize, and feel like "grown-ups". Help them with the last by giving them their own, kid-friendly favors.

Here's some great ideas:

Fabric Birds

Photo Courtesy of: Spool

Ah, so cute! I can just picture one of this little birdies perched at each little guest's place setting. Make them months ahead in your wedding colors from left over fabric scraps or old clothes.

Just Married Candy Bar

Photo Courtesy of: Rachel Ray

A great idea – kid's love chocolate! And these are so simple, just type your text into the customizing program, print, and label generic chocolate bars.

Felt Sugar Cookies

Photo Courtesy of: Make and Takes

These would be awesome at an afternoon, tea-ish type recepetion. While the adults partake in their own tea…let the little ones have their own! Group these simple to stitch felt cookies on one big serving platter and pair with a tea set for loads of kiddie fun.

Bears in Waistcoats

Photo Courtesy of: Canadian Living

Perfect for a wedding! Make your bears in colors that coordinate with your wedding and even dress them in simple versions of the wedding clothes! These would be nice when placed in a simple basket at the children's table OR hand them out at the start of the ceremony as a quiet toy.

Fabric Scrap Memory Game

Photo Courtesy of: inchmark

Super simple to make and a great favor that will also entertain your youngest guests! Download the free templete and use up your old fabric scraps – easy peasy.

Black Apple Doll

Photo Courtesy of: Martha Stewart

From the decidely hip Emily Martin, these dolls are a bit more challenging to make but so very perfect for a little girl heavy guest list. Dress each one the same or shake things up and make them similiar in coloring for each of your little guests.