Favors: The Big No-Nos

Let's face it. Everybody loves a freebie (and if you don't believe me, check out the lines at Costco on free samples day!). Seriously, people really appreciate thoughtful little freebies and tokens. And what's a favor if not a freebie? However, people will appreciate (and even LOVE) these little tokens if you take the time to make them more universal and less, well, stupid and vain.

Exhibit Number One:

Image Courtesy of: Mondy Artes

Listen closely. NO ONE WANTS A GIFT THAT IS ENGRAVED WITH YOUR NAME AND WEDDING DATE (except maybe your mom). Really. It screams "egomaniac" and "garage sale fodder".

The only exception to this rule is anything that is meant to be temporary. For example:

Image Courtesy of: Beau Coup

Cute. Unique. And will be gone in a month.

Exhibit Number Two:

Image Courtesy of: Beau Coup

CDs personalized with your favorite and most meaningful songs…how romantic. Yes, yes. In 1995! Come on! NO ONE USES CDs ANYMORE! It is outdated technology. Instead, include a note at each place setting with the link to your personalized iTunes wedding playlist so that guests can enjoy only the songs that they prefer.

Exhibit Number Three:

Image Courtesy of: Beau Coup

Cake Towels?!?!? Listen, NO ONE WANTS ANYTHING STUPID OR TACKY. Again, it's garage sale fodder. If you can't think of anything tasteful or useful…then nix favors all together.

Have I scared (or shamed) you yet? No fears. Here's few favors that can't go wrong:

  1. Food. Mini candies, cookies, muffins, lollipops, cocoa. Anything that can be eaten is always useful and popular.
  2. Flowers and Plants. Flowers make people smile and everyone can enjoy a plant. Win/win.
  3. Donations. This sounds weird but people actually love seeing that you donated money to an important cause on their behalf. It's charity without the work.
  4. Containers. Vases, baskets, pots. These are useful and people love them…especially when filled with candy (see: #1).
  5. Stationary. In this electronic communication age, a set of notecards or a notepad is a sweet nod to a more nostalgic time – one that everyone loves to think that they could still be a part of.