Floral Alter

I have noticed that one of the most glaringly overlooked items in a wedding tends to be the alter for the ceremony. For whatever reason, people seem to pour money into decorating their reception, arranging the perfect playlists, and coming up with juuust the right favor and then they stand naked at the very spot where they are vowing to spend a lifetime together (not actually nekkid naked – it's a metephore). I think that probably it's because so much TV and magazine time is devoted to gorgeous pictures of reception spreads and and very little is given to featuring the actual wedding part of the party. So I implore you – think of the alter!

Here's a great example of an awesome loft wedding's version of the ceremony alter:

Photo Courtesy of: Merriment Design

Know what those are? Long, straight garlands of flowers and leaves. Lovely. At this wedding, the couple actually had a florist create these babies but I don't see why you(r mom) can't make then the day before (while she watches a movie). You'll need dental floss or fishing line, very fresh and strdy flowers and leaves, and probably some pretty ribbon. Just thread a needle with the floss/line and start "stitching" straight through the flower blossoms. Attach the garland to a length of ribbon and stitch on leaves to fill in the gaps. Hang from the ceiling or wall with floss/line. Easy-peasy.

For more details and a cool stetch, Click Here.