Food and Drink: It’s All in the Presentation

One way to cut costs at your wedding is to keep the food very simple. A few local ingredients, cooked well will wow even the pickiest guests. The key to making these simple treats look expensive and "wedding-y" is to use a good presentation.


Images via: Martha Stewart, Ohdeedoh, and coco-kelley

Upgrading your serving dishes from plastic to wood or glass will make any dish look special. A simple dessert is elevated to showstopper status with a cake stand and sparklers. Add some fruit or herbs to your basic beverages to make them look more homemade and chic spa-ish. And my favorite? Instead of a dessert bar – do a veggie/salad bar!

Are any of you thinking of saving money by going simpler with the menu and more advanced with the presentation? Wondering how you can accomplish this less is more presentation style? Looking to upgrade your food presentation and need item recommendations? Fire away in the comments!