Food: Cookies as Dessert

I need to admit a little something to you all, dear readers.

I hate cake.

I KNOW! I just don't really like it…the texture, the bluk. It's not my thing. So imagine my delight when I discovered this awesome article from Gourmet magazine. It discusses the current trend of homier and more handmade weddings. And the cookie table is starting to creep into them – happily, for some of us. And why not? If you're not a cake eater then the traditional wedding cake is not that exciting to you nor is investing in the traditional cake and pie server set to cut it.

Photo Courtesy of: Gourmet

So, if you're more into what you like and not concerned about what "everybody else does" (or you just want your guests to have an alternative dessert) – concern the cookie. Whether homemade or store-bought, they will grace your wedding with a cozy feeling for your guests…and save you a bundle!