Food: Farmer’s Market Salad from Sunday Suppers

Late summer/early fall is truly one of my favorite times for bright, colorful food – especially if I can get it from the local farmer's market. And, as a lovely starter to any wedding meal, I just don't think that it gets any better that this gorgeous to look at and yummy to taste salad:

Photo Courtesy of: Sunday Suppers

Gorgeous colors, delish and interesting taste combos, and amazing textures. It's art that gets eaten! If you would like to shave a bit of the food prep labor costs from your budget, then consider including this dish in your menu. All the vegetables can be prepped the day before, the salad can be quickly plated (assembly line style) during the gap between the ceremony and the meal's start by a handful of loving friends/family, and you can mix up a couple of quickie vinaigrettes (one or two per table) in small jars the night before and leave them on the tables for your guests to use themselves.

Click Here for the recipe and step-by-step instructions.