Food: One Bowl Steak Dinner

In planning your budget wedding, one of the simplest ways to cut down on the cost of your catering bill is to pare back and re-examine the full menu. This does not mean scrimping or creating puny meal portions – it simply refers to looking closely at each part of the menu and seeing where you can eliminate unnecessary parts.

For example, you want both a simple salad course and a meat entree. If you present them traditionally, not only will you have to pay for two sets of dishes – you will also pay for two rounds of labor (one to make and serve the salad and one to make and serve the entree). The cost is adding up. So, what to do?

Photo Courtesy of: Martha Stewart

An elegant steak salad anyone? Filled with yummy steak and tasty fall vegetables, this salad is perfectly portioned and can easily act as an entree. One course + One set of dishes + One round of labor = less money to your bottom line. Serve with a glass of rich red wine or a warm apple cider and watch your guest's eyes light up! Click Here for the complete recipe.