Freebies from WalMart: Loads of Tiny Treats

Ah yes. WalMart. Love it or hate it…it's here. And some of their crap is extremely well priced (just don't expect any of it to last long). One of WalMart's absolute best business ideas (I'm looking at you Target and Ikea) is their online free samples feature. Go to their website and type in "free samples" (or click here) and you'll be given full access to an ever changing rotation of tiny freebies. The hitch? One sample per household (enlist family members if you need multiples) and it can take a bit to find each sample (some require you to visit the company's website).


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But why, you might ask, do I need tiny shampoos and such? Well, if you collect enough of the samples you can make up some basic attendant or guest gift baskets. OR stock up on samples 3 ounces (or smaller) and toss them in your carry-on for your honeymoon.