From the Archives: Registry Tips from Nicole of Big Day for 10k

 From Cris: My good friend, Nicole (from Big Day for 10K) is here today and helping y'all out with some down-to-earth advice on registering. And why it's a good thing (no, really!).

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From Nicole: Face it, it’s okay to feel a little greedy – registries are one of the funnest parts of wedding planning. Honestly, though, what else beats shopping for whatever you want with someone else’s money? Nothing. Admit it.

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However, it can be pretty overwhelming, so I thought it might be kinda cool to post here some of the insight that Mr. Man and I gathered from doing our own registry:

  • Register for 2-3 times as many items as you have guests.
    • Sounds excessive but think about it, you’ll have a shower (maybe even two or three…) and those people will likely buy off your registry for both the shower and the wedding.
    • Guests like to bundle. Registering for a bunch of kitchen utensils? Someone is going to buy all 10 of those (at $5 or $10 a piece) and put them in a pretty basket or container of some sort.
    • Whatever you don’t receive as gifts (in most places, at least), you’ll get a discount on after the wedding (this is called a "completion program" and is one of the sweetest perks of registering).

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  • Prioritize.
    • Mr. Man wanted to go hog wild. We all know I’m Type A and couldn’t have that. $40 bathroom trash can? No sir, not when there are other $40 items that we actually need.
    • Even though it’s tempting to just scan EVERYTHING, think about it… you don’t want to cannibalize the stuff you really need/want with things that are extras.
    • Save those extras for the end… if you’re done scanning what you truly need - then go back through and add some fun stuff.
  • Watch out for sale items.
    • Sale and seasonal items may not last, so if you register for them today - they may not be available 2 months from now. Just keep that in mind!

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  • Register at more than one place.
    • This will get you a variety of gifts and give your guests a bigger selection of stuff. It also allows your guests from all ovee the country (or world) to access at least one of your registries.
  • Share the URLs to your registries.
    • Lots of people like to order presents online so make sure you check the box that says “display our registry online” or something to that effect.
  • Think about your “Ship To” address.
    • Most places will give you an option of pre- and post-wedding shiping addresses. Are you honeymooning? You probably don’t want tons of gifts sent to your house when you’re going to be out of town… think about asking your in-laws or parents, or MOH if you can have stuff sent to their places.  You can pick it up when you get back!

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From Cris: For more information on registering, feel free to read this interview with Deposit-a-Gift on non-traditional registries (i.e. cash) or check out The Boy and my experiences registring at Crate & Barrel and Target. And please chime in if you have any registry tips or questions for Tulle Nation!