Thank You Cards from Wedding Paper Divas (and Etiquette Tips!)

It's that time! The wedding is over and I'm back from my honeymoon so now… the thank you cards. I ordered some thank cards from Wedding Paper Divas a few weeks ago (Who offered me a complimentary set so I could share the product and my ordering experience with my readers. LURVE THEM!) and they arrived last week. Wanna see?

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Petal Clusters in Meadow from Wedding Paper Divas

Once I got my thank cards from Wedding Paper Divas (the ordering process and shipping was super easy and REALLY fast, y'all), I was a wee bit stumped though on how to proceed with the whole "writing thank yous" thing. What do I say, how much time do I have, how long do they have to be? Luckily, I figured it out and am sharing it with y'all!

Etiquette Tips for Thank You Cards

You just got back from you honeymoon and you are feeling relieved that the planning is over! But wait, there is one more thing to do-send out your thank you cards. It is often the most overlooked component of your wedding but is extremely important. You do not want to miss the opportunity to show your guests how much you appreciate them for joining you in your very special day.

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Happy Forever in Coral from Wedding Paper Divas

Response time:

 The number one question is “When should they be sent?” Brides and grooms should wait no more than 6-8 weeks after the ceremony to send their wedding thank you cards, but of course the sooner the better!

If you receive gifts before the wedding feel free to send the thank you cards out as soon as you get them. If you have over 100 guests attending your wedding you can imagine how much time this will take so get ahead! It also helps to make a goal and send out so many thank you cards a day.

Another tip for speeding this process up is to order your thank you cards when you order your wedding invitations. They don’t need to match but if you purchase them with your wedding suite it will present a more cohesive look and you won’t need to go back later to order them.

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Built for Two in Tomato and Rustic Jar in Black both from Wedding Paper Divas

The contents:

Sometimes this can be a daunting task for couples but make sure to greet the guest, express your gratitude, be specific about the gift, and take them for attending (or for thinking of you if they couldn’t make it).

It is also nice to make specific examples of their gift and tell them how you use it. For example, “I love making my coffee every morning in the machine you got us!”

Make sure you spell their names correctly and are including the right gift for the right person.

For monetary gifts, it is not necessary to mention the specific amount but simply say “thank you for your generosity.”

Make sure to also send thank you gifts to people who attended but did not bring a gift and also always remember to send thank you cards to your vendors for helping with your beautiful event.

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Romantic Tab in Smoke from Wedding Paper Divas

Addressing and Sending:

For families, address to Mr. And Mrs. If you are close with them use their first names inside the card or if you are not that close use the same salutation inside.

Make sure to hand stamp every note as prepaid postage techniques are too impersonal.

Once you follow these basic etiquette tips sending out thank you cards should be a breeze.

Here are some of my favorite thank you cards from Wedding Paper Divas.