Kiss My Tulle loves sharing great products and fabulous companies with our readers. It’s our way of giving our readership a chance to discover cool, new stuff while allowing companies the opportunity to show off their latest and greatest or old faithfuls.

Your partnership will earn you daily exposure to hundreds of engaged couples and wedding enthusiasts. Kiss My Tulle enjoys: 26,000+ pageviews per month, around 600-1000 unique hits per day, regular blog updates (1x a day, 3-5x a week, Monday-Friday), a consistently growing Instagram following, dedicated Facebook and Twitter accounts, popular pinboards on Pinterest, a high Klout influence, frequent contributions to StumbleUpon, and a worldwide readership (though Kiss My Tulle is visited more frequently by females who are in the age range 18-24, have no children, are in graduate school, and browse this site from home.).

Your giveaway means you’ll get a one-time (clearly labeled) partnered giveaway post which includes: a permanent text-link to your site along with an image that lives forever on our site (even after our partnership ends) and the ability to reach Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and Facebook followers (who also see our partner shout-outs beyond the visitors who go directly to Kiss My Tulle’s URL). Partnered giveaway posts can be written by you or by Kiss My Tulle and may include 3-5 images and 3-5 direct links. Each link and image MUST include a rel=”nofollow”.

Kiss My Tulle offers two highly visible giveaway options (giveaways are assigned on a first paid = first scheduled basis). At Kiss My Tulle, we prefer JPEGs though animated GIFs are also welcome. Your giveaway opportunity allows you to have a single post featuring your company and giveaway for $200 + the cost of the product and shipping.

  • At Kiss My Tulle, we ask companies wishing to host a giveaway to donate a minimum of $50.00 (retail – USD) of product (in the form of one large prize or assorted smaller ones).
  • Kiss My Tulle also requires that our giveaway hosts be responsible for shipping those prize(s) to the winner(s) once the giveaway is closed.
  • Giveaways at Kiss My Tulle are announced and opened in a dedicated post on Monday mornings (which is also posted on Twitter and on Facebook). Each reader enters the giveaway (once per email) via a comment on that post and has the opportunity to enter once more via a contest-linked social media link. Readers are asked to leave a comment answering a fun question regarding a giveaway related topic. Giveaways are closed on Thursdays at 8PM EST. A random number generator is used to select the winner(s) who are then announced the following Friday.
  • Kiss My Tulle is responsible for contacting winner(s) and providing giveaway hosts with shipping information.
  • Kiss My Tulle only accepts hosts and products for giveaways that match our intent. Kiss My Tulle reserves the right to exclude any product(s) or compan(ies) that we feel will be poorly received by our readership.

Currently, Kiss My Tulle is accepting partner payments via PayPal only. Advertising images and in-full payments are due by the 25th of the month preceding posting on Kiss My Tulle (for example: sponsorship sidebars and payments for June are due May 25th). Kiss My Tulle will email you a payment invoice (via Paypal) no later than the 20th of the month preceding your partnership.

To begin the giveaway host process, Kiss My Tulle will need the following information from you:

1. The prize(s) to be given away (This is entirely up to each giveaway host(s) but Kiss My Tulle is happy to select prize(s) that we feel will best appeal to our readers).

2. Links to information and photos of the prize(s) and giveaway host(s). Each giveaway post is written in Kiss My Tulle's “voice” so having access to information about our giveaway host(s) allows us to better describe prize(s) and host(s) in our unique manner.

3. Kiss My Tulle will always consider it's home to be Alaska (even when it's a sweltering 100 degrees in San Antonio) so we ask that all our giveaway host(s) be willing to ship to all 50 United States. However, giveaways that feature shipping to Canada and other foreign countries will always be well received by our readers.

4. Kiss My Tulle offers it's giveaway host(s) the added opportunity to extend special discounts to its readers. These discounts are announced in the Friday post (and on Twitter and Facebook). Kiss My Tulle recommends that special discounts are limited-time offers, with a clear end date, for those who enter “TULLE” at checkout.

Please keep in mind that Kiss My Tulle does have a few important giveaway guidelines. These include:

  • No refunds on paid giveaways
  • Each link and image MUST include a rel=”nofollow”.
  • All giveaways must fit the intent of Kiss My Tulle
  • No landing pages to porn sites, no spam ads, and no links to viruses
  • All of Kiss My Tulle’s click-through users must land on the same page
  • All sidebars must be grammatically correct
  • Sidebars cannot offend based on race, gender, culture, sexual preference, or disability

Interested? Shoot Cris an e-mail at to get in on the fun. Kiss My Tulle is really excited to become a part of your team!