{Guest Post from The Rogue Bride} 5 Registry Items You Haven’t Thought Of

Cris has done an amazing job of giving me registry ideas – I’ve created my registries with half my laptop screen on Kiss My Tulle and half the screen on the websites of Macy’s, Etsy, William Sonoma and Sur La Table. But, as thorough as her series is, I’ve thought of a few additional items to add to the list.

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1. Restaurant Gift Cards: When you get back from your honeymoon, you’ll have loads of work to catch up on and you will NOT feel like cooking. Give yourself a break, or a date night out, by letting your guests treat you to dinner at your favorite restaurants. You can’t register for these off of the Macy’s website of course, but Amazon makes it easy (or Restaurant.com).

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2. Everyday Stoneware: Forget Fine China! You’ll use it once a year if you’re ambitious. I’d much rather dine off hand thrown clay pottery every day. Pottery is cool because: It’s art you can appreciate at breakfast, lunch and dinner; pie plates and casserole dishes are natural conversation starters at potluck parties; most potters use lead-free glaze; each piece is literally one of a kind; and it’s cheaper than Lenox. Find your favorite potter on Etsy (I recommend RikaBlue, ClayCoyote, and Terry Myhren) and politely ask them if they’d be willing to set up a registry for you.*

*Etsy is a little more labor intensive than a chain store when you’re setting up a registry because you have to – gasp! – deal with human beings. You have to contact the artist and warn them your guests are coming, because they have to make the stuff! Ask them to set up a registry for you on their Etsy page by reserving orders in your name. Then name the pieces you want and set up a link to your Etsy registry on your wedding website. It’s not exactly easy, but I think it’s well worth the extra effort.

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3. Gift Certificate for Custom Framing: Because sometimes you want your wedding or honeymoon photo blown up real big and want to display it in something classier than a Walmart poster frame.

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4. A French Press Coffee Maker with an Etsy Coffee Cozy: Once you’ve had coffee from a French Press, you may never go back to the American coffeemaker. I got hooked in England, where our monster coffee pots are nowhere to be found, and have never looked back. But the one thing my French Press needs is something to keep it hot longer: A Coffee Cozy! Etsy has super cute ones.

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5. One Completely Frivolous Thing: For me, it’s a Moroccan wedding blanket. Google it. These things are gorgeous. White, soft, with silver spangles. Great for wall-hangings, throw-blankets, even rugs (though I cringe at the thought of stepping on anything so pretty). What is your one completely frivolous thing?

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