Guest Post: Jenny Pratt Shares How To Compromise and Create Family Traditions

From Cris: Today's guest post is from an old childhood friend of mine who's marriage I greatly admire – Jenny Pratt. Jenny and her husband have four beautiful daughters and are building a new home in Alaska.

I asked Jenny if she would share her ideas and tips on how to work together as a couple to infuse traditions from each person's family into your new baby family (and also, suggestions on thinking up new traditions for the two of you [and any future children].).

Cris asked me to write up some of our Christmas traditions and how we managed to happily agree on what to do each year. My hubby and I have been married for almost 11 years and have four daughters.

We both come from fairly large families. Mine had a few traditions, my hubby had one… it was nixed. His family watches¬†A Christmas Story every year. I had never seen it, but gamely gave it a try our first year together… yeah, I wasn't impressed.

Back to traditions, it really means a lot to us to have our kids be well-grounded and to be caring so our traditions try and focus on these goals. Every year, we choose a family that is struggling financially to “Secret Santa” them gifts and food.

The girls love to do the shopping with them in mind and then secretly leave the goodies on the doorstep. There were a few Christmases that our family was the grateful recipient of other peoples' generosity and so it feels great to be able to give back.

Another thing we do is to read the Christmas story from the Bible and have the girls act out the story of Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus. We always go caroling together too, the girls love to sing.

Christmas morning we have waffles with strawberries and whipped cream: I'm all about yummy and easy. Christmas Eve the girls can open one gift, this time we got them new jammies ūüôā

This year we borrowed a tradition from my family that we felt the girls were old enough for (our youngest is five). We all have a name of someone in our family and we have to make them a handmade gift.

I'm stoked for how this has turned out; the girls were excited and creative. So, there you go! Some fun family traditions. Good luck and more than anything just have fun together!