DIY: Doily Signs and Reception Decor


Hello Kiss My Tulle Readers, I am honored to be here with you today in an effort to help out Cris in her time of need! I am Alicia from The Charity Wedding and I got married almost a year ago. I planned a budget savvy wedding myself and one of my favorite things to do was to re-purpose things I already had into things I could use for the wedding. I made a lot of little things myself, hunted thrift stores vigorously, and borrowed anything else I couldn't find!

470 Circle Border 

Today I have a little craft project straight from my own wedding that proves that you can DIY with stuff you have around the house or with a few very cheap supplies, assuming you have a box that is. Any box will do, go find one. Alright now you will need:

  • Two different colors of paint (Whatever you have leftover from your last painting project. Or go to Home Depot and buy the little containers of tester paint that they sell so you can try it out before you paint your whole living room mustard yellow. They are around 3 bucks.) A dark and a light color will work best.
  • Elmer's Glue
  • Paint brush
  • Paper doiliesI bought a pack in the cake decorating section. If you had old lace or cloth doilies that you don't mind destroying, that will work too.
  • A can of spray paint
  • Old frames

Step One: Cut down your box to the desired size.

I just so happened to have two terrible gold frames that fit the size of my cardboard perfectly. I'm not sure how this worked out SO perfectly but it did. However, gold was not the look I was going for so I spray painted them black. Had I not used these, they likely would have been trashed or they would have continued collecting dust.

Step Two: First paint the board with the dark paint and let dry. Then paint on a layer of glue. The thicker the glue, the larger the crackle. Let the glue get tacky, do NOT let it dry all the way. Paint the lighter paint over the top of the glue. Let dry (You could reverse the paint colors depending on how you want the crackle to look). When it dries, the cardboard looks like an old piece of wood.

Step Three: Now get your paper doily or lace and lay in on either edge or however you want the design to appear. Spray paint over the top lightly. Remove the doily and voila!

Step Four: Staple this with a staple gun to the frame. Write whatever your heart desires and you are done.

You can customize it any way you want! If you mess up - just get another box! When the wedding was over, I took the cardboard part off the frames and re-used them! Here is another version I made using a piece of scrap wood and this plaque now proudly hangs in our home!

Never underestimate the value of things you already have and a little paint! Even a plain old box can be a beautiful accent at your wedding!

From Cris: Thanks for this super cool wedding craft, Alicia! I think that these would be perfect for anyone interested in creating informative signs for your guests or sprinkling little trivia bits about the couple around the reception. If you loved Alicia's DIY then you'll definately want to follow her on Twitter, read her blog, and Like her on Facebook. Thanks, Alicia!!!