Honeymoon Advice from Favor Craver – TAKE PHOTOS!

When Cris asked me to write a guest post about honeymoons, I actually begged her to let me write about something else. "Let me write about thank you notes!", I pleaded. But Cris wasn't having it. She's a tough mistress.

So what's my problem? Why would a wedding blogger beg to get out of writing about honeymoons? Well, because my honeymoon was brief and unimpressive. Honestly, I get a pang of jealousy anytime anyone talks about their honeymoon.

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Image Courtesy of: That One Rule

My husband and I married in Las Vegas when we were 22 and 23, respectively. We were broke-ass kids working boring jobs, and we had just a few days to get out to Vegas, get hitched, and get home for work later that same week.

We saw the Blue Man Group (rad). We played the penny slots (meh). We decided to cement our sophisticated, married-peoplehood with a martini in Caesar's Palace, but couldn't bring ourselves to finish them — such lightweights! We toured the gardens of Bellagio, and the art museum at the Venetian. And then we went home.

Brevity aside, when I think back on our honeymoon, my regret is that we hardly took any pictures. There's only one photo of us together on our honeymoon, and it's blurry. The rest are of things like our room, Blue Men, etc.

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In retrospect I realize that we weren't really thinking about where we were in our history at that time. We were young, but we'd already been together for several years when we married (we're high school sweethearts). So I wasn't thinking about how nice it would be to have photos of us together while we were young — I honestly wasn't thinking that we were all that young. But now, as we approach our tenth anniversary, I find myself thinking that it would be so nice to have some more photos of me and him, young and newly-minted, on our honeymoon.

Fill up your cameras, Tulle Nation, wherever you go, for however long.


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