Honeymoon: Affordable Luggage Round-up

While planning your super affordable wedding be sure that you remember to also give yourselves the opportunity to plan that equally super affordable honeymoon. And I don’t just mean finding a killer deal on airfare and hotels – I’m also referring to all the crap you’re gonna need to get there, stay there, and play there.

For the most part, you can probably pull the bulk of your honeymoon wardrobe from your closet. So keep those impulsive, last-minute buys to a minimum (really, I know those shorts are cute but wouldn’t you rather spend the money on a couple’s massage or room service?). What you will need to invest in is good luggage. And luckily, good luggage does not have to be expensive luggage… it just has to be good.

Below is a round-up of affordable luggage (both sets and just carry-ons, pick yer preference, travelers!) all for under $100*. Enjoy!


*1. Three Piece Blue Trolley Luggage Set. *2. Diane Von Furstenberg On The Go Medium 2 Piece Luggage Set. *3. 2 Piece Luggage Set. *4. Benzi Travel Goods BZ 3386GRN Trolley set Extendable in Green. *5. CONFIDENCE Travel BLACK Expandable 2 Piece Deluxe Luggage Set. *6. Cargo Cool Traveler Suitcases, Set of 3. *disclaimer

Any of these options appeal to Tulle Nation? Or do you already have some tried-and-true luggage that you’d like to share with the class? Maybe you’ve registered for a luggage upgrade? Chat away (in the general vicinity of the comments)!