Honeymoon: Dude, Where’s My Fruity Drink? {from The Rogue Bride}

Cris asked me a while ago to write a post about my honeymoon plans, which if it had been any other subject, I would have had to her straightaway. See, I’ve been in charge of everything involved with this wedding except planning the honeymoon. I’ve left that entirely up to Rogue Groom. The other problem is – I’m a budget wedding blogger, and this honeymoon is totally not within our normal budget. Rogue Groom is blessed with some pretty amazing parents who offered to help us out with making the honeymoon happen.

I should explain that I have worked as a writer within the travel industry for five years. I love travel, I adore learning about other places, and my favorite thing in the world is that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach as the plane lifts off the tarmac. Yet somehow, I got GenderRolled into planning most aspects of this wedding, leaving me just enough spare time to learn how to pronounce “Buon Giorno.”

Well, you have to release control over something right? So Rogue Groom got the honeymoon.

Truth be told, after all this wedding planning, I would be happy collapsing on a deck chair at an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean. Every once in a while I might lift a hand to call for another fruity cocktail, but mostly I’d just slow roast myself in equatorial heat. Not so for Rogue Groom, who has been very busy working, but not working AND planning AND dealing with family-wedding issues. So he had the energy to think up an entire month-long vacation, half in Germany, and half in Italy.

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Image Courtesy of: Destination 360

I’m going to need to drink my weight in espresso every single day to appreciate this honeymoon, but I can’t complain. I mean, really, two weeks of eating German sausage and drinking German beer and wine, followed by two more weeks of “I died and went to Olive Garden”? That is pretty great.

My part of the planning has been limited to learning some Italian (Voglio un cafe grande per favore! Uh… dove il banjo?) and creating Pinterest boards of shoes and dresses. My idea of an Italian honeymoon is taken straight from Roman Holiday and Three Coins in a Fountain, so I’m going for a vintage look that travels well. Our original idea was for me to plan out the Italian half of the honeymoon, but…I was a little busy, you know, planning the wedding. And I figured taking it slow in Italy, rather than trying to cram in a million things, is probably a better way to take it all in.

My fiancé however has created a deliciously complicated itinerary for Germany. We’re landing in Frankfurt, spending a few days driving around the Mosel Valley – one of the best regions in the world for Riesling – and exploring castles, followed by driving around Bavaria down the Romantic Road, which will take us through fairytale German villages, medieval walled towns, and Neuschwanstein Castle (Hello Cinderella).

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Image Courtesy of: Beautiful Places to Visit

Then we’ll leave the car and travel by train from Austria to Venice, then on to Florence, Tuscany, and finally Rome where we’ll be taking a cooking class and going on a food tour. Rogue Groom’s dad booked the cooking class for us, and figured out where we’re staying using FlipKey and VRBO. Apartment rentals are definitely the way to go in Italy – you get more space for the same or less than you’d pay at a hotel – though we’ll be spending a little time at this B&B in the Tuscan countryside. I’ve done nothing but nod “yes” and figure out my wardrobe.

Long story short, I feel wholly unqualified to write a post on our honeymoon. But I am starting to plan my next vacation. Beach. Fruity Drinks. Me.


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