How to Deal with Wedding Stress

I had a reader ask me how I dealt with the stress of my wedding(s). Here’s how I did it:

Dealing with Wedding Stress

  • Accept your timeline. You only have X number of days and hours to organize your wedding – don't waste time doing the stuff that you don't care about or isn't important. Accept that some stuff won't happen and that it's more important to ENJOY the people and the process that to have eight million little DIYed favors. Understanding your timeline allows you to know what needs to get done so that you can get moving and get celebrating.
  • Delegate. It doesn’t matter how small your wedding is, you WILL need to delegate parts of it. Just turn over a job and walk away. Choose the easy ones that you don’t really care about (or are not very important) so that you’re not stressed out if they don’t get done (or aren’t “perfect”).
  • Prioritize. When it comes to weding planning, you need to understand what’s important. Everything else is extra. Knowing what is important helps you stay focused and enjoy the planning period.
  • Edit, edit, edit. There are a MILLION ideas out there for your wedding. Pick a handful to do and just enjoy watching everyone else do the rest.
  • Be flexible. Decide what’s important (see above) and delegate the rest (see above that). And the stuff that’s not a must? Don’t worry about it. You DO NOT have the time to stress out about it.
  • Say “yes.” When people ask if they can help – say yes. If you need to, make up a master list of Jobs for Other People and start assigning them as needed. Then walk away.

How are/did y'all dealing with wedding stress?