How To Dress your Bridesmaids in Skirts Instead of Dresses

Bridesmaid dresses can be pricey – and asking a friend to commit to being your bridesmaid then slapping them with a HUGE dress bill (+ accessories + travel + parties and on and on) is SUPER rude. So how can you help your bridesmaids save a few bucks on their total wedding costs? Opt for a bridesmaid skirt instead of the more traditional dress. Here's how to do it:

How To Dress your Bridesmaids in Skirts Instead of Dresses

Skirts: Sequin Pencil Skirt // Chiffon Skirt // Rugby-Stripe Mini Skirt
Tops: Sleeveless Peplum Top // Jersey Tee // Linen Drapey Tank // Sequin & Beaded Lace Top // Lace Cami // Strapless Top
Accessories: Ankle Strap Heels // Ankle Strap Pumps // Skinny Strap Stiletto // Peep Toe Pump // Oversized Clutch // Studded Clutch // Clutch // Crossbody Handbag // Floral Crystal Necklace // Layering Necklace // Vintage Necklace // Ruby Chandelier Necklace // Pearl Necklace // Bib Necklace

Would you dress your bridesmaids in skirts and tops instead of dresses?


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