Inexpensive Options: Beach Groom and Groomsmen Edition

Yesterday, we tackled the brides and found them stylish but affordable wedding attire. And today is all about the mens. We all love the boys and the way they look when they get dressed up for an event. The best part of the whole "boys dressing as grown-ups" thing? Thanks to several mainstream stores taking on the suit industry – in today's world, the groom and his groomsmen can affordably suit up.

A current trend that I totally support is the choice of many couples to have the groom wear a really nice suit instead of a tuxedo. I totally agree with this choice for a number of reasons:

1) Every guy needs one good suit.

2) It used to be that the cost of a nice suit would run you the same as a down payment on a new home. But not anymore! Major retailers like Target, Walmart, and Macy's are carrying lines of nicely cut but affordable suits.

3) A bride in a full tulle ballgown does not look mismatched next to a groom in really good-looking suit.

4) It's the beach - relax. Now is the season to sport khakis, shorts, or lose the suit jacket!

To help you out, I am showing you three options for the groom and his groomsmen - all for under $150.00 (and each one perfectly coordinates with yesterday's under $200 beach bride outfits):

Option #1 (Total Cost of Outfit – $140.34):

052411 a 


*1. Old Navy Linen-Blend Blazer in Dumpling. *2. Old Navy Everyday Classic-Fit Khakis in Stainless Steel. *3. Old Navy Chest-Pocket Linen-Blend Shirt in Bright White. *4. ASOS Slim Tie in Red. *5. Target Converse One Star Oxfords in Black. *6. ASOS Happy Socks Stripe Socks in Red.

Option #2 (Total Cost of Outfit – $118.04):

 052411 b

*1. Wal-Mart George Suit Jacket in Black. #2. Wal-Mart Flat-Front Comfort Waist Pants in Black. *3. Wal-Mart Oxford Shirt in Bright White. *4. Express Striped Silk Tie in Brilliant. *5. Wal-Mart George Dress Shoes in Black. *6. Old Navy 3-Pack Crew Socks in Black Jack.

Option #3 (Total Cost of Outfit – $124.49):

  052411 c

*1. J Crew Baird McNutt Linen Camp Shirt in White (or in Bedford Blue). *2. Old Navy Broken-In Khakis in Kicking Up Dust. *3. Old Navy "The Sunshine State" Graphic Tee in Surfing. *4. Target Lenord Flip Flops in Grey.

Tulle Nation, what do you think of these outfit options for the groom and his groomsmen? Would you wear any of them? Why or why not? Have it out in the comments!