Inexpensive Options: Beach Ring Bearer and Flower Girl Edition

Today it's all about the children. They are cute, they are unpredictable, and they are oft dressed as mini brides and grooms. I totally have issues with that:

1) THEY ARE NOT THE BRIDE AND GROOM! They are children! Let they dress like children.

2) Children play and scratch and generally do not understand the concept of wearing your clothes (and not just wearing any clothes so that you're not naked). So let them dress like children.

3) If a child is not comfortable in a dress – they will not pretend otherwise just to make you happy. If something itches…they will scratch it. If something is hanging in their face…they will remove it. If they just don't like the color…they will have a temper tantrum and refuse to wear it. Again, let them dress like children.

And the biggie:

4) Parents do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on an outfit that their child will outgrow in 2 months and/or never wear again.

The guidelines for selecting your outfits for the youngest members of your wedding party are simple. Keep it basic, keep it inexpensive, keep it comfortable, and keep it age appropriate.

Here are six wedding attire options (three for the girls and three for the boys) – all for under $60.00 (and each perfectly coordinates with these beach options for the bride, the groom and his groomsmen, and the bridesmaids).

For the Boys:

Option #1 (Total Cost of Outfit – $46.94):

052711 a 

*1. Wal-Mart George Flat Front Pants in Izod Khaki. *2. Old Navy Dobby Shirt in Bright White. *3. Target Converse Oxfords in Red. *4. Amazon Satin 2 1/2" Bow Tie in Red. *5. Amazon Red Tone-On-Tone Argyle Socks in Cranberry Red.

Option #2 (Total Cost of Outfit – $59.99):

052711 b 

*1. Wal-Mart George Suit Jacket and Pants in Black. *2. Wal-Mart George Long-Sleeve Button-Down Dress Shirt in White. *3. Wal-Mart Dennis Dress Shoes in Black. *4. Amazon Satin 2 1/2" Bow Tie in Gold. *5. Payless 3-pack of Ribbed Dress Crew Socks.

Option #3 (Total Cost of Outfit – $39.98):

052711 c 

*1. Old Navy Authentic Cargo Shorts in Basswood Brown. *2. Old Navy Trend-Graphic Tee in Bright White. *3. Old Navy Plaid Shirt in Aqua Plaid. *4. Payless Surf Print Flip Flop in Blue.

For the Girls:

Option #1 (Total Cost of Outfit – $39.47):

 052711 d

*1. Wal-Mart George Checkered Sleeveless Dress in Bright Rose. *2. Payless Jewel Flower Flip Flop in White. *3. Target D-Signed Black Headband with Coral Flower. *4. Payless Sequin Heart Cross Body in Fuschia.

Option #2 (Total Cost of Outfit – $51.97):

 052711 e

*1. Amazon Sleeveless Bubble Dress in White. *2. Old Navy Gladiator Sandals in Rose Pink. *3. Amazon Fabric Floral Headband in Gold. *4. Target Natural Sequins Tote in Gold.

Option #3 (Total Cost of Outfit – $45.98):

 052711 f

*1. Old Navy Plaid Linen-Blend Halter Dress in Green Plaid. *2. Old Navy Classic Flip-Flops in Green. *3. J Crew Flower Cluster Headband in Indigo Blue. *4. Payless Heart Print Mini Tote in Multi.

Tulle Nation, what do you think of these outfit options for the ring bearer(s) and flower girl(s)? Would you wear any of them? Why or why not? Do you think $60 is a reasonable amount to ask parents to pay for a wedding outfit? Have it out in the comments!