Inexpensive Options: Cake Decor

Is it just me or are wedding cakes hideously overpriced? I mean, and correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't a wedding cake just batter, icing, and some frou-frou? And really, have you even tasted most of the wedding cakes out there. Y-U-C-K. There has to be a better way.

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Take the above. It's a simple three tier white cake. You can pick one up at a supermarket bakery for next to nothing (just don't say it's a wedding cake- the word wedding automatically adds at least $50.00 to any standard cake). Then pick up a batch of Gerber daisies in the flower department (in Texas, I can get 3 bunches, each a different color, for $9.99). Right before the reception, clip the stems and arrange the heads on the cake in a pleasing manner (before doing this, make sure you check for and remove pesticides). Use a shiny or vintage platter as a base for the cake. Gorgeous, simple, and cheap.